How To Enjoy the outdoor at home

How To Enjoy the outdoor at home

Tired of being locked up at home all day? While going to parties and socializing may not be on the cards right now, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoor at home while you’re 6 feet away.

A little sunshine and fresh air are essential to maintaining physical and mental health in these turbulent times of Covid-19 and social distancing. Being close to nature helps improve psychological well-being and spending time in the sun improves mood through increased serotonin levels.

Outdoor lounge

Tired of sitting in your living room all day staring at screens? Why not create an outdoor living room? For the exterior decoration, all you need are comfortable furniture, some cushions, and a little lighting to make your exotic stay come true.

You can search the internet for all kinds of cool furniture like outdoor chairs, hammocks, and modular sofas, or take matters into your own hands and turn on the DIY guru to upcycle existing furniture. In any case, a comfortable seating arrangement will allow better use of the outdoor space.

When choosing furniture, it is important to pay attention to the material used. Most materials fade in extreme conditions like rain or direct sunlight, so it’s best to use steel, teak, or wicker for durability. When the basic furniture is purchased, the living room can be spiced up by adding some end tables, string lights, outdoor plants, and scented candles to create an amazing hideaway.

Meditation space

Missing your yoga or meditation classes? Do not care anymore! An outdoor meditation study is a perfect remedy for the dilemma. Put down a yoga mat, plant a flower bed, play therapeutic music, and voila! You have set up the best meditation zone to help you de-stress. The experience will be relaxing and invigorate your mind by injecting positive energy.

Outdoor kitchen

Have you tried cooking on your lawn or balcony? Imagine that! It is a cool and windy afternoon. The roses are in full bloom. The speakers are playing your favorite song and your family is laughing and joking, reminding you of days gone by. You get up to start the barbecue to make chops that will make your mouth water.

Not only does exercise provide a rewarding opportunity to hang out with loved ones, but it also encourages a solid lifestyle by using the grill to help prepare healthy meats. It eliminates the use of fatty oils and maintains natural nutrients such as riboflavin and thiamine that are very beneficial for the nervous system.

Outdoor movie theater

Do you remember the days before cell phones and televisions? Have you ever wondered what our sources of entertainment are? They had just come out! But now the roles have changed and entertainment is generally tied to some form of a digital screen. Of course, going to the movies is not an option in these times of social distancing, but that does not mean that you cannot reproduce the experience in your own backyard.

In fact, a batch of caramel popcorn, a warm blanket, and a starry night provide the perfect setting to enjoy any movie. However, to create the perfect outdoor movie theater, you need the right settings to make the dream come true.

Here is a checklist to help you figure out the logistics:

  • A screen
  • A projector
  • Video sources such as a computer or a DVD
  • Cables: HDMI and audio connections
  • Power source
  • Speakers

Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek improves mood and can help your child follow simple directions. It is easy to do inside and out. Take turns using toys or try to hide.

Pebble art

Painting or writing pen drawings on rocks is a lot of fun – then you can hide them in the garden, on the patio, or even indoors. You can even create story stones – draw key figures with a felt-tip pen or paint over the stones, then use them to tell a story.


Gardening is another fun way to enjoy the outdoors during COVID-19. The process can be relaxing and engaging and makes better use of your time. But first, get out your notebook and try to discover your outdoor space. Does the space get enough sunlight? Is it covered or does it get direct sunlight? What are the weather conditions? What kinds of plants will thrive under current conditions? All these questions will allow approaching the task from a better point of view.

Camping in the yard

If you have free space, set up a tent to enjoy a summer camp experience with your children, siblings, or partner. Add a bonfire to that and the experience will be a once-in-a-lifetime getaway within the confines of your home. Not only will this allow you to take a step back and really enjoy the moment, but it will also awaken your subconscious so that you can reflect on your life. Slowing down will allow you to reconfigure your life and set new goals for your future.

Playing ball

Turn off those tablets, smartphones, and televisions, and gather your family and neighbors for a game of soccer, football, or baseball in your backyard. Keep it light, fun, and easy to use so players’ competition sequences don’t just prevent them from having fun, winning, or losing.


There’s a reason hot tubs are so popular year-round – because they make you feel good, warm, and relaxed at all times of the year. But it’s especially good when temperatures drop. Whether it’s a solo bath or an impromptu party with friends after a game or a night out, the bathtub is always there, warm and inviting you to come out and relax.

Decorations for seasons and holidays

If time permits, decorate and party outside. Make the perfect transition from indoors to outdoors, simply add warmth through fireplaces, blankets, and hot drinks. Make sure the lighting is festive and safe. From there, the events are unlimited:

Halloween parties and activities, like cutting apples and carving pumpkins. If it’s a party, have a dress-up contest and outdoor games, and have “stations” where guests can take selfies and group photos.

For Thanksgiving, use your indoor and outdoor kitchen, then serve the feast on the deck or patio where it’s cool, cool, and cool.

Depending on where you live, decorate a small Christmas tree or conifer with simple, weather-resistant, and unbreakable ornaments, provide blankets and add Christmas pillows to keep the party going outside.

Patio roofs or fences

If you have a roof in your patio or a covered gazebo, you are more likely to stay outside when it’s dark and temperatures drop. Outdoor curtains add privacy and keep the cold out, and there are privacy screens and fences that allow you to separate part of your room or patio outdoors, temporarily protecting you from the elements.

Make things comfortable

Adding sources of light and heat will help you stay outside, but try to add a sense of comfort and warmth. To do so, make your patio or outdoor space a true outdoor space by adding the comforts you love to keep inside the house: pillows, throws, and blankets to share with a friend while you enjoy gazing at the stars or enjoying a hot beverage.

Increase the fun factor

To get the most out of your outdoor room during fall, winter, and early spring (as long as the temperatures are not below freezing), maximize its potential. How? ‘Or what? Everything you do for fun or relaxation indoors can be done in an outdoor living space, from games and television to barbecue grills and dining.

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Invite your friends or family to watch a movie, game, or videos on an outside TV or computer.
  • Cook and serve a nice hot dinner outside. Grill pizza, burgers, or make a pot of chili or a hearty soup. Then enjoy coffee and s’mores by the fireplace.
  • Play beer pong (or use soda), board games, or other outdoor games.
  • If it’s snowing, build snowmen, decorate, and enjoy hot drinks while you admire your work.
  • Host a holiday party that uses indoor and outdoor spaces. Decorate both areas.

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