Preparing for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

**Photo Shoot Checklist by Flat Fee Broker Falaya **


The Week Before:




– Landscape – weed flower beds, add fresh mulch, add seasonal plants/flowers

– Mow the lawn

– Clean the pool

– Pressure wash the house, driveways, walkways, patios and decks

– Wash exterior windows and front porch




– Remove all clutter in rooms

– Replace any non-functioning light bulbs

– Give your home a deep-clean, including windows and walls


The Day of the Shoot




– Remove cars from driveway/front curb

– Remove garbage cans from view

– Put away garden hose, sprinklers, etc.

– Remove pool cleaners and toys

– Add fresh cushions to patio furniture

– Sweep up leaves


All Rooms

– Open draperies and turn blinds horizontal

– Clean the floors

– Turn off all ceiling fans

– Turn on all lamps and lights

– Hide all power cords/cables/chargers Remove pet bowls, pet beds, pet toys

– Turn off TVs and hide remotes


Kitchen/Dining Room

– Wipe down counter tops

– Remove all items from counter tops (detergents, sponges, dishes, rags)

– Remove magnets/stickers/photos from refrigerators

– Hide trash cans

– Add fresh flowers/fruit bowl

– Add center piece or cutlery to dining room table



– Wipe down sinks and counter tops

– Remove all items from counter top

– Remove all items from shower/tub

– Hide trash cans

– Close toilet lids

– Refill toilet paper rolls

– Hang fresh towels and hand cloths



– Put away all clothes and tidy closets

– Make all beds


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