Tips For Selling Your Home in the Spring

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not preparing their home correctly before they list it. At Falaya, we want to help you successfully sell your home.

Curb Appeal is the No. 1 thing to take care of before selling your home. Curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers notice when they tour your home. Andi Holliday – Owner of Stage Presence Interior Redesign & Staging – stresses the importance of staging curb-appeal. She recommends adding fresh paint, manicuring the lawn, and adding colorful flowers to create an inviting home and make a lasting impression. We have compiled some other tips to knock out the curb appeal and sell your home quickly.


Before you list your home take the time to make any simple repairs you have been neglecting. These could be small things such as replacing a burned-out lightbulb or things such as replacing the leaky kitchen faucet. If you had noticed the issues, then a potential buyer will as well. Also be sure to add some fresh coats of paint and caulk up any holes you may have put in the wall. This gives home buyers a fresh slate for them to work with once they move in.

Also, you should consider making any upgrades you seem fit to your home. These include things such as replacing cabinet knobs and upgrading shower heads and lighting fixtures. These are little touches that make a big impact in how home buyers perceive your home.


Since springtime is when most buyers are looking for homes, you must make sure your yard is in perfect condition. This means keeping the grass cut and trimmed. Maybe consider hiring a landscaper to come and pull weeds and plant some shrubs to add to the curb appeal. This is very important as the lawn is the first thing that potential buyers notice when they arrive to your home.


You want your home to be memorable and welcoming to homeowners. This means adding personal touches to make your home stand out. Things like adding a fun welcome mat to the front door make a big difference. A great recommendation for springtime is placing a vase of flowers in your kitchen or dining room. Some perfect springtime flowers are peonies or lilacs – these are a plus as they are hypoallergenic!


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