What is Falaya Real Estate?

Frustrated with For Sale by Owner, but want a cheaper and more efficient way to sell your house? Have you tried a Flat Fee Broker?


Introducing Falaya. A Real Estate App that connects buyers directly to sellers and guides them through the entire sales process saving them thousands on real estate commissions.


Sellers input their listing information into the Falaya platform and for a low flat fee their listing is sent out to the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and numerous brokerage sites around the area for maximum exposure at a minimum cost.


On the Falaya platform, buyers can browse listings, book appointments virtually with the Sellers, quickly chat back and forth with the sellers to get real-time answers to their questions, and submit offers directly to sellers with a couple of clicks. 


The custom Falaya workflows make the daunting legal documents in the Real Estate transaction digestible and easy for anyone to execute. If you run into a situation where you need help, you can hire our Real Estate agents a la carte to perform that specific service for you. Real Estate Agents will now be paid for what they do, and consumers can control their costs. That is a true Win-Win.



Falaya is creating the first buyer direct to seller Real Estate platform that allows consumers to control the costs of buying or selling a house. Visit Falaya.com or download the app today to get started.


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