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Investor Benefits

Falaya gives you all the benefits of having a professional transaction team behind you combined with significant cost savings and more efficient processes.

Maximized Savings

The lack of hefty real estate agent commission fees means you get a higher return on investment for every property sold,

Listing Exposure

Your investment property on the MLS, Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and more to reach countless potential buyers no matter where they are searching online.

Transaction Management

Your dedicated transaction coordinator works to route leads, present offers, and update tasks for you from listed to sold.

Efficient Tech Tools

Use Falaya’s custom investor tools for easy listings, swift offer response, update task tracking, and automated document handling.

Full Control

Maintain total control over your transactions while gaining complete transparency, empowering you to make quick decisions from pricing to negotiations.

Falaya Mobile App

Manage your real estate deals on the go with our user-friendly moble app, designed for convenience and accessibility from anywhere at any time. It’s the power of Falaya in the palm of your hand.

Our Pricing

Our listings start at a low flat fee and licensed agents are available for a low flat fee per service if you need extra the support during the process.

Basic Plan

Everything You Need To Do It Yourself


+ $500 at closing

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Professional Plan

DIY With Transaction Support From Falaya


+ 0.5% at closing
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Professional Plan

Most Support

Premium Plan

Dedicated Real Estate Team For Your Listing


+ 1% at closing
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Premium Plan

How It Works

Falaya is not just a listing platform. We are a closing platform.

The thoughtful combination of revolutionary technology and overwhelming support allows you to seamlessly progress from list to close efficiently and effectively.

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Falaya Frequently asked questions

Unlike traditional one size fits all approach to pricing, Falaya’s multiple listing packages and on-demand services allows sellers to decide how much Realtor involvement they want in their transaction and therefore control their costs. Our unique pricing model ensures that every seller gets the technology and support they need to save over $7,800 in Realtor commissions on average.
Our basic package is perfect for experienced home sellers. For $500 up front with an additional $500 at closing, your listing is put on the MLS, Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia and hundreds of other brokerage and third-party listing sites to ensure your listing reaches reaches buyers no matter where they are looking. You’ll be sent custom realtor grade “for-sale” sign and directional to capture drive by buyers. Also, each listing is assigned a transaction coordinator to specially trained to routeb all leads, present offers, create custom tasks, and ensure a smooth and efficient selling experience from listed to sold. All of your listings activity can be managed though our revolutionary mobile app. Follow up with leads, respond to offers, check off tasks, manage contacts and showings all from the palm of your hand.
Our professional package is great for sellers that want the do-it-yourself experience with some limited assistance from a Falaya Realtor. For $500 up front with 0.5% at closing you get everything from the Basic Package including MLS access, dedicated transaction coordinator and the revolutionary mobile app. The added benefit comes in the form of your licensed Falaya realtor that will be there to assist with the most crucial and difficult part of selling a house, the offer. Your Falaya Realtor will advise and negotiate all of the purchase agreements you receive to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible for your listing.
Our premium package is designed specifically for sellers that want the full service Realtor experience while still saving thousands in commissions. For only $250 up front with 1% at closing you’ll get the same MLS access, dedicated transaction coordinator, and revolutionary mobile app that comes with all of our options, but you’ll also get a dedicated Falaya realtor. Your Falaya Realtor will assist with pricing your listing, negotiating all offers, negotiating your inspection response, and advising you every step of the way through closing. The Premium package also helps increase your property marketing with professional photography and multiple MLS entries (when available) included at no additional cost.
In the top righthand corner of each webpage on, click the “List A Property” button. If you haven’t already, you will create and account then select the package and any on-demand services that work best for your personal situation and make your initial payment. From there, you will be taken through several Q&A style forms that allow us to gather all the information necessary to create your listing and property disclosure document. Then, you will sign the required documents and upload your photos. After the listing application is completed, the Falaya Team will review your listing and then give you a call to confirm any details and answer any of your questions. At that time, we will set a date for your listing to go live to the public. On that date your listing will be entered into the MLS so buyers can view it, book tours, and submit offers directly to you.
Your listing will only be viewable to yourself and the Falaya team until you tell us otherwise. You can enter and change any of the listing details or photos at any time without worrying about anyone else seeing it. You set the timetable for when buyers can see your listing. We will not publish it to the public until you are ready and the days on the market will reset to zero when the Falaya team turns the listing on.
YES! Falaya provides professional photography included with the Premium Package. For sellers that chose the Basic or Professional Package, you can place an order with us for photos by visiting the pricing page and selecting professional photos and/or walkthrough video & 3D tour on-demand serivces in the more services section. The cost is $150 for 15 photos and $400 for walkthrough video & 3D Tour, but we can tailor packages depending on what you want. Just shoot us a message or talk to us during your on-boarding call with the Falaya team.
Any seller can research comparable property (comps) on their own by looking at major sites like Zillow or to see what their neighbors’ houses are currently listed for and/or sold for recently. Sellers should only use comps that are less than six months old, because appraisers will only look at recent sales when doing the appraisal for financing. Correct pricing is key for both the speed at which the sale occurs and can affect the amount of money the seller will walk away with at the end of the sale. Falaya offers a competitive market analysis as an on-demand realtor service for only $300 to give you an unbiased professional opinion. Visit the pricing page and book your appointment today with a licensed real estate agent.
Honestly as soon as you would like it to go live. We are able to make listings active on the MLS, Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia and more within 24 – 48 hours or less. Ultimately, the speed with which your listing goes live is up to you and your timeline. We will be reaching out to you directly to answer questions and set a timeline before making it viewable to the public.
Whether to pay a buyer’s agent commission or not is totally up to you as the seller, but at this point Falaya is required to enter something into the MLS by the board of realtors. The typical market cost of a buyer’s agent commission is currently 2-3%. You will only pay this fee if a licensed real estate agent finds a buyer that closes on your property. The payment will be due at the closing table for the amount advertised. The amount of commission cannot be negotiated on a contract. The amount that is advertised is what is paid, but the amount advertised can be changed by informing the Falaya sales team. The level of commission will affect how motivated realtors are to show the property, so it should be taken into consideration when thinking about pricing and how quickly you want to get undercontract.
You can add on any on-demand service at any time whether you list with Falaya or not. One of our licensed Falaya Realtors will contact you and walk you through the process that you requested. We provide services like pricing support, professional photo and video, home staging, targeted property social media ads, and general seller support. You can also custom create a plan for your needs upon request.

Learn About Flat Fee MLS Listings In State information not available.

What Does MLS Mean in Real Estate?

MLS is essentially an online database of real estate property in a specific region or area. The acronym “MLS” stands for Multiple Listings Service. Currently, only licensed real estate agents are able to utilize the MLS. Not only do you have to be licensed, but in nearly all cases you must also join the board of realtors that oversee that particular MLS to access it.

Fun fact

Throughout the country, there are over 600+ local MLSs.

How To List On The MLS In State information not available.

There are different ways you can get a property on the MLS in State information not available., but they all consist of partnering with a licensed real estate agent that has access to the MLS that is appropriate for your local area.

  1. Hire a real estate agent or Realtor

Your real estate agent will put your property on the MLS for you and perform other real estate related functions for a commission of typically 2.5 – 3% of the sale price at closing

  1. Use a flat fee MLS listing broker or service provider

Flat fee MLS service providers put your listing on the MLS for you for a flat fee. The cost of working with a flat fee MLS listing provider in State information not available. can range from less than one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Why such a wide price range? Well it usually has to do with the level of service they provide on top of listing a home on the MLS

Fun fact

The average Falaya flat fee MLS seller saves $7,800+ in commissions.

How Does Listing On The MLS Help You Sell Your Home In State information not available.?

Listing your property on the MLS makes a tremendous difference compared to traditional for sale by owner (FSBO) listings. With the vast number of websites like Zillow,, Redfin, and Trulia, for sale by owner (FSBO) sellers in State information not available. are at a significant disadvantage compared to MLS listings when it comes to marketing a home for sale.
A for sale by owner (FSBO) seller can spend hours to list their property on just a couple of sites, but anyone with the ability to create an MLS listing can put the information in once and instantly have that listing displayed no matter where buyers are searching online. This is a big reason why FSBO fails and leads many to use a realtor anyway. 

What Is a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

A flat fee MLS listing is also called a limited listing. Companies like Falaya agree to list a property on the MLS for the seller at a low fixed price rather than charging a percentage commission at closing. There are a lot of reasons to use a flat fee broker, but here are some pros and cons:


  • Avoid real estate agent commissions to save money selling a house.
  • List property on the MLS and get maximum exposure for your listing to potential buyers.


  • Limited support and communication from the listing broker or real estate agent.
  • Limited access to State information not available. real estate documents needed to properly sell a house.
  • Potentially miss out on buyer leads that choose to contact the listing broker rather than the home seller.

Fun fact

Falaya breaks the mold of traditional flat fee MLS listings by allowing sellers to benefit from low flat fee pricing while simultaneously offering many useful features.

What is For Sale By Owner (FSBO) in State information not available.?

Simply put, any home seller that is not represented by a real estate agent is a for sale by owner (FSBO) seller. For sale by owner (FSBO) is a strategy that homeowners typically use to avoid paying realtor commissions when selling a house.


  • Avoid realtor commissions to save money selling a house.
  •  Complete seller control over the sale of a property.
  • Ability to negotiate directly to come to more creative solutions.


  • Lack of online exposure makes it difficult for potential buyers to find your property listing.
  • Lack of experience leads to potentially costly mistakes.
  • Lack of access to State information not available. real estate documents that are needed to successfully sell a home.

Fun fact

The success rate for Falaya sellers is 89% compared to only 11% for traditional for sale by owner (FSBO) listings.

What is the difference between For-Sale-By-Owner and a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

The most obvious difference between for sale by owner (FSBO) and a flat fee MLS listing is access to the MLS. Flat fee MLS listings are presented on every home search site that exists, therefore, attracting potential buyers to the listing. For sale by owner (FSBO) sellers, however, benefit from increased savings if they are able to successfully locate a buyer and get to the closing table.

How much does it cost to sell a house in State information not available.?

The cost of selling a property in State information not available. can vary widely depending on which home selling option you choose for your listing:

Traditional Realtor Model

Sellers can expect to pay 5% – 6% in commissions to traditional real estate agents. 

Flat Fee MLS Listing Model

Sellers can expect to pay $250 – $2,500 depending on the level of service the listing broker provides.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Model

Sellers can expect to pay $0 – 4% depending on whether or not the seller agrees to pay the buyer agent commission or agrees to dual agency with the buyer’s agent.   

Why Should Home Sellers In State information not available. Choose Falaya’s Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

There are three reasons why listing with Falaya can benefit anyone looking to sell a home in State information not available.:

1. Cost Control

Falaya offers customizable pricing that includes three package options and multiple on-demand realtor services to give sellers in State information not available. the ability to control their costs while choosing the amount of support they desire.

2. Transaction Management

Each real estate listing on Falaya is assigned a transaction coordinator who works alongside the seller to route all leads and offers, assist with real estate documents, and ensure a smooth transaction from listed to sold. 

3. Seller-Focused Technology

The Falaya mobile app allows you to manage your flat fee MLS listing from anywhere at any time. Follow up with leads, respond to offers, and keep track of tasks created by your transaction coordinator from anywhere at any time.


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