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Are you ready to sell your house? Then you know how difficult it can be to place a “House for sale” sign out in the yard. Knowing how to sell a house is one of the most important decisions to make. Essentially, this job falls on real estate agents, who charge a 6% commission on the sale for offering their services. These prices have never been famous among those who want to sell.

Agent commissions in 2020 remain stuck at 6%, the same as since the mid-1950s despite the advancement in technology and the real estate business. 

Selling a home without the assistance offered by a licensed agent can be daunting. The biggest challenge for FSBO sellers is visibility. Without an experienced real estate agent who knows his way around the housing industry, how does a seller ensure that her house is seen by the people who might eventually turn into potential buyers?

Well, that’s where our flat fee broker service steps in.

Here at Falaya, our flat fee real estate listings turn the fee structure around to favor buyers and sellers, not agents.

Unlock'd flat fee broker solution

So, if you’re tired of the conventional FSBO practice and want to save thousands on real estate commissions and agents, Falaya is just the platform for you. We connect buyers directly to sellers and guide them through the entire sales process, saving them thousands on real estate commissions.

Why choose a flat-fee broker service? 

flat fee broker services

Flat-fee broker service is a much cheaper and convenient way of selling your property. You receive the same MLS listing service in a local MLS for a low flat fee instead of paying the 6% commission to a full-time real estate agent. You retain the right to sell your property yourself while getting more exposure on hundreds of national MLS websites.

When you register with a full-service broker, you have to agree to certain conditions. You are bound by this contract until the house is sold, or you or your agent determine that this relationship no longer serves your best interest. However, for a flat fee broker, once you pay the fee, you are free to cancel at any time and go whenever you want. 

By using a flat fee service, you are in more control of your listing! A broker who works with your qualified buyer will call you directly because your name and phone number are on the MLS listing.

What is MLS?

MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service”. Local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a database of houses available for sale and contains historical sales figures. The MLS exposes your home for potential sale on thousands of real estate web pages and potential buyers. The way the market is organized now is truly the best option to sell your house for top dollar. 

Buyers can find your home on hundreds of public MLS websites. More than 90% of all properties sold in the United States are the result of exposure to the MLS listing. Inclusion on the MLS list means that all local brokers can find your home in their MLS database.

Properties listed on MLS tend to sell faster. The major advantage of listing houses on MLS is that it pushes your listing data onto some of the most top real estate websites. Buyers are always scavenging websites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. These websites then extract data from these local MLS listings and provide it to millions of users. 

List Your Property on Falaya

list your property on unlock'd

Falaya offers sellers the ability to list their home on the local MLS. Real estate agents browse through these lists to look for properties and then share them with other agents that also belong to the local MLS. There are hundreds of local MLS databases, managing listings from specific locations.

We offer our services for a flat fee, but is it worth it to the home seller to go this route versus FSBO or a full-service agent paid on commission? We’ll give you a reason to believe why our flat fee broker service may be the best way to generate maximum profit from your property.

Experience the Convenience of Flat Fee MLS Listings with Falaya

Using our flat fee broker service, sellers can easily submit their listing data, price and upload their photographs in less than ten minutes without having to talk to anyone. You are in total control of the process and don’t have to contact anyone. 

Falaya will then market the seller’s property on its website, and also post the listing to many other networks such as MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, and more. Instead of a 6% commission, you pay a one-time flat fee!

Our fixed-rate broker program allows you to maintain control over your listing information. Sellers have complete freedom to maintain the accuracy of their listing data, which includes any changes in selling status. You can also handle your own showing arrangements, offer negotiations, settlement, etc.

Why Falaya?

It is the operating goal of Falaya to embrace advances in technology without losing the personal touch and professional service in our interactions with customers. 

Falaya provides a platform for buyers and sellers to communicate directly with each other online without the need for a real estate agent. 

Mobile Application

Unlock'd mobile application interface

Without a real estate agent present, sellers need to be notified about any new buyers interested in their property. Our mobile application provides a chat module that allows sellers to be in touch with potential buyers to entertain their queries 24/7.

Buyers can go through listings, book appointments directly with the sellers, and fill out their purchase agreements – all of this can be done just by sitting at home with a couple of clicks!

Unlock'd purchase offerBuyers and sellers can schedule meetings and tours of the house using our platform. Sellers mention their available hours and buyers can schedule an appointment accordingly all through text message and push notifications. Once the request is accepted, the buyer will be notified that the tour is approved.

Unlock'd schedule meetings

Virtual Realtor Appointment

Virtual Realtor Appointment

Falaya is re-innovating the real estate business and providing customers the opportunity to be more involved with the sales process and transactions. Under our flat fee broker program, you retain your right to sell your home “By Owner”. You are not obligated to sell your property through a real estate agent. You can sell your home any way you want while taking advantage of the MLS listing service.

However, if you do run into a difficult situation, Falaya also provide a la carte realtor services. If you wish to take advantage of these additional services, you can book a virtual realtor appointment online for a low fixed price. This can literally save you tons of money. The realtor will be at your disposal and will guide you with any of the fixed fee services you choose to be assisted with.

You can also hire a full-time virtual agent who will guide you through the sales process.

Sellers can upgrade to this full-time realtor service package by paying 1% and the listing fee. 


Unlock'd e-signature

The real estate industry used to rely on paper contracts, but that dramatically changed with digital signatures. Our e-signature feature allows for finalizing real estate contracts, signing agreements, and offers over the internet. It ensures secure transactions and guarantees improved ways to produce, manage, and transmit contracts and legal documentation within minutes directly between buyers and sellers without anyone in the middle. 

Professional Photography and Home Staging

Unlock'd professional photography

Falaya offers professional photography and home staging services. 

Professional photographs are a quick and efficient way to attract potential buyers. They add interest to your MLS entry. You can hire our professional photographers for the listing photos. We will shoot day and evening exterior photos including gardens, water features, or other amenities. 

Our team can also assist you with the home staging process. It can help sell your home faster in some markets.

Our mission at Falaya is providing you, as an owner, more control over the listing and sale process of your property while also guiding you every step of the way. This allows you to be part of the entire MLS process without having to hire a full time licensed agent and finally gives you a way to control your costs. 

Visit or download our desktop or mobile app to get your listing sent out today!


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