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Unlike traditional one size fits all approach to pricing, Falaya’s multiple listing packages and on-demand services allows sellers to decide how much Realtor involvement they want in their transaction and therefore control their costs. Our unique pricing model ensures that every seller gets the technology and support they need to save over $10,750 in Realtor commissions on average.

Our basic package is perfect for experienced home sellers. For $500 up front with an additional $500 at closing, your listing is put on the MLS, Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia and hundreds of other brokerage and third-party listing sites to ensure your listing reaches reaches buyers no matter where they are looking. You’ll be sent custom realtor grade “for-sale” sign and directional to capture drive by buyers. Also, each listing is assigned a transaction coordinator to specially trained to route all leads, present offers, create custom tasks, and ensure a smooth and efficient selling experience from listed to sold. All of your listings activity can be managed though our revolutionary mobile app. Follow up with leads, respond to offers, check off tasks, manage contacts and showings all from the palm of your hand.

Our professional package is great for sellers that want the do-it-yourself experience with some limited assistance from a Falaya Realtor. For $500 up front with 0.5% at closing you get everything from the Basic Package including MLS access, dedicated transaction coordinator and the revolutionary mobile app. The added benefit comes in the form of your licensed Falaya realtor that will be there to assist with the most crucial and difficult part of selling a house, the offer. Your Falaya Realtor will advise and negotiate all of the purchase agreements you receive to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible for your listing.
Our premium package is designed specifically for sellers that want the full service Realtor experience while still saving thousands in commissions. For only $250 up front with 1% at closing you’ll get the same MLS access, dedicated transaction coordinator, and revolutionary mobile app that comes with all of our options, but you’ll also get a dedicated Falaya realtor. Your Falaya Realtor will assist with pricing your listing, negotiating all offers, negotiating your inspection response, and advising you every step of the way through closing. The Premium package also helps increase your property marketing with professional photography and multiple MLS entries (when available) included at no additional cost.
Deciding which plan option is right for you comes down to how much additional support you want from Falaya. The Basic Plan offers sellers access to the MLS and everything you need to sell your house yourself for a low flat fee. The Professional Plan offers sellers limited support from a licensed Falaya real estate agent for 0.5% at closing. This agent assists with one of the most challenging parts of selling property; negotiating purchase agreements. The Premium Plan offers sellers a dedicated Falaya real estate agent for 1% at closing to handle pricing, negotiations, the closing process and anything else that might arise during the transaction

In the top right hand corner of each webpage on, click the “List A Property” button. If you haven’t already, you will create an account then select the package and any on-demand services that work best for your personal situation and make your initial payment. From there, you will be taken through several Q&A style forms that allow us to gather all the information necessary to create your listing and property disclosure document. Then, you will sign the required documents and upload your photos. After the listing application is completed, the Falaya Team will review your listing and then give you a call to confirm any details and answer any of your questions. At that time, we will set a date for your listing to go live to the public. On that date your listing will be entered into the MLS so buyers can view it, book tours, and submit offers directly to you.

Your listing will only be viewable to yourself and the Falaya team until you tell us otherwise. You can enter and change any of the listing details or photos at any time without worrying about anyone else seeing it. You set the timetable for when buyers can see your listing. We will not publish it to the public until you are ready and the days on the market will reset to zero when the Falaya team turns the listing on.

YES! Falaya provides professional photography included with the Premium Package. For sellers that chose the Basic or Professional Package, you can place an order with us for photos by visiting the pricing page and selecting professional photos and/or walkthrough video & 3D tour. The cost is $150 for 20 photos and $400 for walkthrough video & 3D Tour, but we can tailor packages depending on what you want. Just shoot us a message or talk to us during your on-boarding call with the Falaya team.

Any seller can research comparable property (comps) on their own by looking at major sites like Zillow or to see what their neighbors’ houses are currently listed for and/or sold for recently. Sellers should only use comps that are less than six months old, because appraisers will only look at recent sales when doing the appraisal for financing. Correct pricing is key for both the speed at which the sale occurs and can affect the amount of money the seller will walk away with at the end of the sale. Falaya offers a comparable market analysis as an on-demand realtor service for only $300 to give you an unbiased professional opinion. Visit the pricing page and book your appointment today with a licensed real estate agent.

Honestly, as soon as you would like it to go live. We are able to make listings active on the MLS, Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia and more within 24 – 48 hours or less. Ultimately, the speed with which your listing goes live is up to you and your timeline. We will be reaching out to you directly to answer questions and set a timeline before making it viewable to the public.

Whether to pay a buyer’s agent commission or not is totally up to you as the seller, but at this point Falaya is required to enter something into the MLS by the board of realtors. The typical market cost of a buyer’s agent commission is currently 2-3%. You will only pay this fee if a licensed real estate agent finds a buyer that closes on your property. The payment will be due at the closing table for the amount advertised. The amount of commission cannot be negotiated on a contract. The amount that is advertised is what is paid, but the amount advertised can be changed by informing the Falaya sales team. The level of commission will affect how motivated realtors are to show the property, so it should be taken into consideration when thinking about pricing and how quickly you want to get under contract.

You can add on any on-demand service at any time whether you list with Falaya or not. One of our licensed Falaya Realtors will contact you and walk you through the process that you requested. We provide services like pricing support, professional photo and video, home staging, targeted property social media ads, and general seller support. You can also custom create a plan for your needs upon request.
Falaya offers 6 and 12 month listings depending on which package option that you select. For the Basic plan sellers will be able to list on the MLS for 180 days. For the Professional and Premium plans sellers will be able to list on the MLS for 365 days. Sellers can cancel anytime without any additional fees, fines, or penalties.

All changes can be made via the seller dashboard by selecting the “edit listing” button. Additionally, Falaya sellers should communicate with their transaction coordinator to ensure your changes are made on the MLS itself. Common changes include – updating listing price, adding or removing photos, and rewriting the listing description.

Of course! Falaya has the capacity to list as many listings as you want. Your intuitive seller dashboard efficiently organizes each of your listings to ensure clarity and ease of management. Many of our home builder and real estate investor sellers enjoy the benefit of listing dozens of properties at one time.

Finding My Home

Yes! Falaya is a platform designed to streamline the real estate process. We allow buyers to interact directly with sellers, minimizing commission costs and enhancing communication throughout the entire transaction.
Unlike traditional platforms, Falaya eliminates the need for middlemen, saving both buyers and sellers money by reducing commissions and fees, while still providing essential support and services.
Buyers can easily search for properties by vising the BUY page on our website. From there you can see our featured Falaya listings and search for any property to find the perfect match for your needs.
Buyers can use Falaya’s platform at no out of pocket cost. Search for listings, request tours, and make offers directly to our Falaya sellers with no agent commissions on either side. For MLS listings that appear in our search, buyers may be required to pay a portion of the agent commissions as part of the standard closing costs that traditional agents negotiate with their sellers.
Falaya encourages sellers to provide accurate and detailed information, and offers resources and guidance to ensure listings are as accurate and complete as possible. We also source listing data directly from the MLS on a regular basis.
Yes, we encourage buyers to reach out to sellers directly. Falaya facilitates this direct communication between buyers and sellers, allowing for price negotiations and discussions about property details. This direct communication results in lower costs to the sellers as well as a more efficient transaction due to lack of miscommunications between middlemen.
Falaya offers various resources, guidance, checklists, and other forms of support to assist buyers through every step of the purchasing process. If we aren’t able to assist you for whatever reason, we will even vet local realtors in your area to represent you.
Falaya prioritizes user security and employs advanced technologies to protect personal information and transaction details.
Yes, the platform enables buyers to coordinate with sellers directly to schedule viewings and ask any additional questions about the property.
Falaya provides guidance on resolving disputes and can offer assistance in facilitating communications, but we do recommend both parties to seek professional legal advice for more significant issues.


Falaya is a revolutionary real estate platform that connects buyers and sellers directly, offering a streamlined process and reducing costs by minimizing the need for intermediaries. We bring realtor grade technology and support directly to home sellers so they can sell faster and save thousands!
Creating an account is simple! Just click on the “Sign Up” button on the homepage and follow the instructions to set up your account.
Absolutely! We prioritize your privacy and employ advanced security measures to ensure your personal information is well protected.
Falaya operates on a transparent pricing model. While our platform is free to use for browsing, we charge a fee to home sellers to list property on the MLS and provide access to our revolutionary technology and support.
Currently, Falaya focuses on properties within the United States, but we are always looking to expand our services to new regions.
Yes! Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using our platform.
You can report any issues directly through the platform or by contacting our customer support team.
Not at all! Falaya is designed to be user-friendly, with a range of resources and support available to help you navigate the platform.
Yes, Falaya is optimized for use on both desktop and mobile devices via our Falaya mobile app for your convenience.
Falaya provides various guides, tutorials, and customer support to assist you, whether you are buying, selling, or just exploring the market.
While Falaya facilitates connections between buyers and sellers, it’s important to conduct due diligence as we cannot guarantee the outcome of individual transactions.
Stay tuned to our blog, newsletter, and social media channels for the latest updates, news, and features from Falaya!
Absolutely! We value your feedback and encourage users to share their experiences to help us improve our services.
Yes! We encourage all Falaya sellers to download the Falaya mobile app on either the apple app store or google play store to manage your listing from anywhere at anytime. Its the power of Falaya in the palm of your hand.
By minimizing the need for intermediaries and facilitating direct interactions between buyers and sellers, Falaya helps in significantly reducing commissions and fees associated with traditional real estate transactions.

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