How to Become a Real Estate Investor – Looking For a Transition from Part-Time To Full Time?

how to become real estate investor

Thousands of people desire to quit their jobs and start businesses. Well, it’s not just something to think about because if you can dream it, you can achieve it too. We have some ideas to help you become a full-time real estate investor and maybe you can earn millions and run your own business like a pro. 

It’s definitely possible to become a real estate investor but not as easy as you think. It requires a lot of research and diligence to make money and feel comfortable with real estate. There is no fast and straightforward path to becoming a full-time real estate investor, but we can share some interesting facts that may assist you in your journey to becoming a full-time real estate investor. Let’s dive in!

Should I Move From Part-Time To Full-Time Real Estate Investor? Pros & Cons

Before transitioning, you might be thinking, is it worth making the transition and quitting the job you currently have? Of course, it’s risky, but have you heard that some risks are worth taking? You’ll never reach the true potential of living life in comfort unless you take some risks. So, for those looking to take control of their destiny and desiring better income, transitioning to a full-time investor is a viable alternative. It could help you achieve your dreams like a big car, a home, and the time to enjoy life with family and friends.

Being a full-time real estate investor, you’ll have many ways to make money. Here are a few examples:


Wholesaling: It can be pretty crucial for full-time real estate investors to do some wholesaling. Wholesaling teaches how to find the right deal because it involves finding and selling distressed properties to other investors. So you don’t need to have anything for just the time and interest.

Flipping: It is somewhat trickier and requires good experience and research. Before buying, flipping, and re-selling the property, you need to have the necessary management skills and ask yourself the essential questions: Who’ll repair the property? How much will it cost? What is going on in the market? And so on. Therefore, before considering the flipping option, ensure that you have the required skills and resources.

Cash Flow: It’s the most popular way to invest, and most investors are already familiar with it. There are hundreds of rental homes for sale in the marketplace to explore that might produce a consistent cash flow for years to come. But with positive cash flow, an investor must keep income fluctuations in mind due to a few factors, for example, Unforeseen repairs, etc.

The first thing to induce is that you can’t become a full-time real estate investor by buying and holding investments alone. Becoming a full-time investor usually requires that one should have some buy-and-hold properties along with using some of the other techniques listed above.

Ready To Become A Full-Time Real Estate Investor – Know When To Quit Your Current  Job? 

If you feel you are prepared to become a full-time investor and are ready to quit your job, make sure you have researched the field extensively and then make a plan stating:

  • How much money must I make before quitting?
  • How much money do I need to start a full-time real estate investment business?
  • How much passive income versus earned income do I need?

Everything will become much more accurate and faster by making this plan and setting goals to achieve. Also, there are some steps to follow before getting started.

Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor? Hold On

Real estate is a constantly evolving business so learning as much as you can and also keeping up with trends is important. Also, you don’t need to rush the process. If you made your real estate investment plan and feel you have enough money to start it full-time, then focus on short-term goals to build long-term profits. Real estate investors who have the expertise of today’s technologies, and understand how to leverage and plan will stay one step ahead of their competitors. You need to:

  • Determine investment strategy as stated in the above plan
  • Thoroughly research and become an expert in understanding the terms of real estate
  • Understand the market (Most Important)
  • Learn the local estate rules and obligations

How does someone learn about real estate investing? Education will give you confidence, take online courses, attend workshops and seminars and join investment clubs. But, above all, come and join the Falaya family to get help with your real estate investment process.

Are you now ready to become a full-time real estate investor? If yes, start by signing up at for free. Once you set your criteria, you’ll be notified when we have an investment property for you.


Real estate is a rewarding way to fulfill the dream of quitting a job and starting your own business. But, unfortunately, many people never fulfill their dreams because they don’t make and follow a plan. Therefore, whichever way you choose on your real estate investment path, stick to the plan and focus on your goals. You might find there are many benefits in transitioning your career to a full-time investor in real estate. So, make a plan and jump into it because the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll reach your goals!

One line of caution is, “Be patient and move with strategies because it takes time to become great.” Good luck with your journey of becoming a real estate investor, and Falaya is always ready to help you choose the most suitable and perfect properties as well as assist with questions related to your journey.

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